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The Christmas time is nearly here and the preparations of this event are in progress. Everybody looks forward to this special event and likes to walk around the Christmas market stands and meet their friends and family. There is so much going on that a well-arranged application, full of helpful information would be beneficial. Wouldn’t be that useful to have all information at hand at any given time at the Christmas market?There is so much going on that a well-arranged application, full of helpful information would be beneficial.

The word Philanthropy comes from Greek word philos loving + anthropos man and etymologically means ‘love of mankind’ in sense of caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing benefactors and beneficiaries. There is a certain difference between a charity and philanthropy. Whereas charity is essential to address immediate needs, philanthropy is the means by which individuals and non-profit agencies achieve their greater missions.

EVENTS 2 PEOPLE is also very interesting, global, complex and unique program. KnowSpot multimedia device can be used at any festival, concert, exhibition, job fairs and many more. Or in short, everywhere where there is something going on and a high attendance is expected. Event organizers can convey all needed information to a large number of recipients at once through our KnowSpot multimedia mobile device without devoting any energy on a presentation to each individual, as well as without the high cost of extensive printed promotional materials.

NATURE 2 PEOPLE is very interesting, global, complex and unique program. We are all surrounded by nature and many interesting places have basically no evidence of existence. Can you imagine that you come to a glacier and you could have some information about the spot?  This program focuses on knowledge sharing.

HISTORY 2 PEOPLE is very interesting, global, complex and unique program. It focuses on knowledge sharing. History, in general, has many supporters around the globe. Not only the people who are enthusiastic about history and often visit various monuments will find this project very helpful and interesting, but also people who are less interested could improve their knowledge and scope about history. Nowadays, we live in a technological world in which we like to have all information at hand anytime. That is the intention of this program.