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Dear friends,

I welcome you on our website KnowSpot Philanthropy. I know that is not yet perfect, however, our path has just begun and as a little child, we have to walk through a period of growth and maturation. Although, I believe that its content will grab you with enough information about us, or plans and visions that we have set. We are a group of people who feel the need to be useful little differently, not just by usual approach to life, but also by personal involvement to continuous improvement of people’s lives throughout the world. We know that in today’s world, the mere willingness is not enough, but the needed resources which help to convert our synergic action and effort into visible benefit, therefore I am pleased that in fulfilling our philanthropic plans, we can utilize significant potential of global multimedia network KnowSpot, on which is build our first programs and projects. We believe that many of you will find a sense in these programs and be helpful to us, whether it is a good advice, providing knowledge of your location or incorporating into our team. As I indicated above, we are still only at the very beginning, however, our beliefs, our enthusiasm and our commitment has been fully deployed and together with you, we are ready to overcome this long and difficult journey that we have set...

       Naďa Pavlík       
       General Director    
  KnowSpot Philanthropy