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KnowSpot Philanthropy

is an independent international non-profit philanthropic organisation dedicated to share valuable knowledge and distribute free, educational and informative virtual content according to appropriate operational programs.

KnowSpot Philanthropy does not operate in commercial, criminal, political, discriminating, racist or other governmental sector. All operations of this organisation are based upon philanthropic enlightenment from global perspective. Non-profit organisation provides services of general interest in.

Our way of doing this, is through supporting projects and campaigns, seminars, courses, presentations, discussions, educative, cultural and music events, exhibitons, trainings, publications and consulting based on multimedia network KnowSpot.
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Our organisation operates in a non-commercial sphere and it’s based on a non-discriminating principle where we treat everyone equally. The aim goes towards increasing skills of young people and leading them to self-sufficiency alongside the utilization of our multimedia network KnowSpot thereby maximize its potential.  

Our vision is to create and share a base of knowledge which will be serving for individuals or groups in order to build a core of fully sustainable and valued life by means of KnowSpot from global perspective. The Pursuit of Knowledge...

  • Value of life – Putting a life on a fundamental pedestal itself
  • Share Knowledge – Knowledge sharing is perhaps the single most important aspect of our organisation
  • Learning – Cognitive process of acquiring knowledge on the base of experience
  • Sociability - Quality of social, active and friendly interaction
  • Global equity – Principle of consideration and treatment of everyone equally from global perspective
  • Transparency – Each operation and its details of the company is transparent which is also published in our annual reports
  • Collaboration – Creation of diverse partnerships certainly lead us to successful results

We ensure that we have no interests in commercial, political, discriminating, racist, political or criminal sector. We also ensure our financial independence from governments. Individual or company contributions, together with foundations grants, are the only source of our funding. Our independence gives us the authority we need to effectively tackle the power and make real changes.

  Incorporation Charter


  Transcript of Registry

Team Members

Naďa Pavlík

General Director

Ján Pavlík

Founder / Member of Management Board

Tomáš Harvánek

Philanthropy Coordinator / Member of Management Board

Zuzana Šedová


Barbora Hlavoňová

Member of Management Board

Peter Šurina

Website Support

Local Coordinators

Maria-Carla Dioguardi


Maria-Carla Dioguardi

London - UK

Imrani Yassine


Yassine Imrani

Morocco & MENA

Mohcine Imrani


Mohcine Imrani

Morocco & MENA

Darjan Karaman


Darjan Karaman